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MODERN & SOPHISTICATED DESIGN IN A HISTORIC SETTINGRelax in our modern and sophisticated mid-century design rooms and suites surrounded by the offerings of Old San Juan. The rooms and suites at The VSJ Hotel are exquisitely appointed with unique amenities and services that will make your stay, a very pleasant one.

Client: The VSJ Hotel Date: 2016-01-01 Technologies: Branding, Website, Consulting

Launch Project

The VSJ Hotel Website
Bringing to market a unique boutique hotel experience

VSJ Concept

Old San Juan is known for its historical and cultural personality. Its streets are full of history, allowing its visitors and guests to make new memories and share different experiences. Taking all these features into consideration, we sought to present a room with a relax and minimalist design that allows the guest a space to unwind after a busy day on the cobbled streets. Like Old San Juan, the room aims to be a sensory experience, creating harmony between the historic structure and mid-century style furniture. As the cobbled streets and history of the city enter into a constant dialogue with their visitors, the room and suites also seek to create a constant dialogue with the guest.

Calle VSJ

Accessories and accented colors of the structure transports the guest into an introduction with the cityโ€™s folk, while the minimalist concept, open spaces and design presents an environment conducive away from the bustle of the streets; a space to recharge and prepare for another magical night or another day of adventures.

The room opens into an area that invites the guest to leave their luggage before the main space and rest area. Hence, the space is designed as open and inviting as possible with a queen-sized bed, work desk and electronic gadgets making it a unique experience in the Old San Juan area.

Balcones VSJ

The bathroom opens onto the bedroom, allowing guests easy access and privacy from the room space. The bathroom consists of an open space waterfall shower, toilet and vanity furniture. Contemporary slabs, art, and a minimalist style, seek to create a dialogue between the existing architectural style of the room and the contemporary space that harmonizes existing areas. The roomโ€™s white color walls collect color accents in its details and finishes. LED lighting is strategic, installed between the existing wooden beams, thereby generating an intimate, warm and relaxing atmosphere. Some of the rooms open out to balconies onto San Francisco Street, where they can resume their dialogue with Old San Juan, enjoy the view of the streets, and the cool breeze of the island.


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