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Machine Learning application developed for social media management research and strategy



Correlate Stock Market Data with World Traded Commodities


Online Mancala Game

Play against an Online Mancala AI

FTE Tracker

FTE Tracker – App Demo Website

Web Application Demo Website

Hreflang Generator

Hreflang Generator Application

Web Hreflang Link Generator for SEO

Boilerplate for Sale

Domain for Sale – Boilerplate Website

Boilerplate HTML / CSS / JS

Pecunia Group - About Us

Pecunia Group – About Us

English Google Ads Marketing Campaign

Sobre Nosotros PG

Pecunia Group – Sobre Nosotros

Spanish Google Ads Marketing Campaign

VespaRace Canvas JS Game


A Simple Canvas JavaScript Game

Two Dice Pig Game

Two-Dice Pig Game

Pig is a simple dice game first described in print by John Scarne in 1945. This dice game is commonly used by mathematics teachers to teach probability concepts.

PG Video Teaser

Social Media Teaser – Video

Branded Facebook Cover Video

FTE Tracker

FTE Tracker Promo – Video

English Google Ads Campaign

marsRover JS Game

marsRover – JavaScript Game

Ironhack's Module 0 Kata Challenge

FTE Tracker Spanish

FTE Tracker – Video Promocional

Spanish Google Ads Campaign

FTE Tracker

FTE Tracker – Web Application

Time Tracking for Federal Fund Recipients

Pecunia Group

Pecunia Group, Inc – Company Website

Consulting Group Business Website

Spotify Website Clone HTML CSS

Spotify Website Clone

Everybody likes music, right? Odds are, if you do, you've heard of Spotify. For this project I built a simplified version of the Spotify landing page.

The VSJ Hotel – Marketing Website

Bringing to market a unique boutique hotel experience

Ana Fuentes, Esq.

Ana Fuentes, Esq. – Professional Website

Professional Business Website

Gustavo Rivera Pecunia

Single Page – Resume Website

Legacy (2015-2016) e-CV