Time and Effort Reporting

Documentation for Nonprofit Organizations Organizations receiving federal funds must ensure compliance with the Uniform Guide 2 CFR Part 200, related to the policies and practices of the federal government. In this article, we will discuss the standards and criteria for the Documentation of Personnel Expenses, also known as ” Time and Effort Reporting,” which found in…

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Analyzing Low Patient Satisfaction Comments

Affinity & Pareto Chart Analysis at Herzog Memorial Hospital The one outlier from the HCAHPS report was “The area around my room was quiet at night,” which was 14 points below the Colorado average. Do the patient comments support or refute that score?  Overall there were only 16 out of 104, or 15%, of comments…

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Operations Research

Operations Research (OR) Defined Operations Research (OR) considered a sub-field of mathematics dealing with the application of advanced analytical methods to help make better decisions. The term management science and decision science are sometimes used as more modern-sounding synonyms. OR arrives at optimal (or near-optimal) solutions to complex decision-making problems by employing techniques from other…

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