Scientific Glass, Inc. – Inventory Management

Problems facing Scientific Glass in January 2010 Scientific Glass’s fast growth led the company to overlook their inventory management practices. The company started noticing that its inventory was stacking up and its debt to total capital ratio exceeded its target goal, which threatened to tie up the capital much needed by SG to invest in…

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PureTech Opinion: Strategic Partner or Venture Capital (VC) firm?

The PureTech Ventures Example In early May 2011, Daphne Zohar, founder and managing partner of PureTech Ventures, a life science venture creation company in Boston, MA, had essentially four options: Negotiate a deal for an early strategic partnership Close a financing round with the Venture Capital (VC) firm based on the term sheet she just…

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Global Financial – Process Improvement

Global Financial Corporations – Process Improvement Options In this article we will talk about a couple of ideas that can help smooth the operations issues within Global Financial, suggest a radical change and end by concluding with a recommendation for the company. Splitting the processing operations in two queues: News and Standards Splitting the operations…

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Economic Duress during a deal: A Case Cross-Analysis

Case Cross-Analysis: Austin Instruments v. Loral Corp & Dow Chemical Company v. Occidental Petroleum (Oxy) The Austin Instruments v. Loral Corp and Dow Chemical Company v. Occidental Petroleum (Oxy) cases can be brought together under one term that affects many companies in different industries: economic duress. In the case of Dow v. Oxy, The Dow…

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Cyber Security 101

A Quick Introduction Cyber Security is a very dense subject to talk about, but as an introduction, I wanted to bring about some of the basic concepts behind an attack. Every day that passes our data volumes keep increasing and sometimes its protection many times is disregarded. We must make sure to be knowledgable in…

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